Home is where the heart is

01 Jun

Walker Residence

The California dream to provide my kids a place they can call home can be almost impossible. California offers a lot of diversity and opportunity, the problem is, paying for these opportunities as well as a house. Rawls speaks about people’s “expectation and disappointment.” They come to California expecting great things, only to have some of those hopes swept under a rug. Houses are being built all around southern California.  Unfortunately, being able to find a job in which you can meet the expense of these homes becomes difficult. So, in order to remain in California, people begin looking at their second option, owning a condominium.  But even that can be unattainable. People then turn to apartments, hotels, motor homes, tents and even parks. Please, don’t get me wrong, California can be a great place to live, with a lot of opportunities. You can choose whether to sit back and take what you can get, or you can make the best of the situation you are in. When you think about it, kids will look back on their life and either see you made the best out of what you had, or they will say you could have done better, but didn’t. Everyone wants the best for their kids. You can a home for them wherever you are and whatever situation you are in. California offers free parks and beaches galore.  I am not saying California doesn’t try to take care of those less fortunate.  California does offer various ways to help people afford to live in California and have a home for your kids. You have to reach out and take it though; you cannot sit back and not help yourself. Please check out the link above this paragraph, I feel this is what many people’s fantasy living room would look like.

Rawls, James A. “California: A People, A Place, A Dream” California: A People, A Place, A
Dream Eds. Claudia K Jurmain and James J Rawls. SanFrancisco: Chronicle Books,
1986. 141-151. Print.

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